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The real reason people shop online…

Outside is my happy place, that is unless it’s cold. Part of my fun is critters. Koi pond, bird feeders and one of my favorites, baby turtles. For the last couple of years, I’ve bought my turtles from a traveling reptile exhibit. For those 2 years, I’ve consistently marked it on my calendar, traveled the

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What re-using a paper towel really means….that little things are really big things.

Never waste an aha moment…. What does re-using a paper towel have to do with anything? A lot actually. There it was, sitting on the counter folded up like it had some important purpose. It had been used, but not a lot. There was still some use left in it, therefore it should be saved. Right? Well

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Created for Creativity. Are you?

Wow! Today I attended the second of a Beth Moore Bible study called Breath. It’s about the Holy Spirit. Today’s lesson was on creativity and it was amazing. While I can relate to Beth when it comes to country accents (and overcoming life challenges) I can do her teaching no justice. But to not share a few

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