All about Beth…. and why she is a people pusher!

DSCN4953Writing and speaking about all things purposefully passionate. 

Personal choice is a powerful tool, not to be underestimated. There is no such thing as a small decision. Each leads somewhere, there is always a cause and effect.

Since becoming a professional speaker and writer over fifteen years ago, I’ve become increasingly interested in the topic of purpose and passion and how those relate to the decisions we make. Working in the business world as well as in Christian environments, I’ve been asked over and over how to more easily define what gives life meaning and significance. With the goal of answering that question for others as well as myself, I’ve done years of research and one on one interviews with some famous and successful people who live out their daily calling with confidence.

From those conversations, I’ve developed a process of picking p’s. The most important thing we do each day, each minute of each day, is make decisions large and small. Every single one will feed your fear or your faith, which is the perspective from which you choose.

It’s time to pick! Your p’s are where you will find power, they will determine your path. The people you surround yourself with. The places you go, the places you don’t go for all the right reasons. Your play  how you have fun and enjoy others. Your physical body and how you care for and re-energize it daily. The passions that often result from compassion – that is how you use your life and the experiences unique to you. Finally, your purpose. People don’t just end up doing this or that, then end up where their decisions have led them. So, we begin to re-purpose our decisions to lead along a path that ultimately leads to peace and fulfillment.

P’s are powerful, and yes – it’s time to pick! The healthy ones that bring power and growth to your life and brings positive influence to those around you.

Change is good! My most recent venture is founding  The Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine. Because people need Good News! It’s where we write local stories of national interest with eternal impact. Go read some of our stories! You’ll be glad you did.

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