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Dear Christian, this is NOT how to win the world…..

Few things make me angrier than when someone in the Body of Christ “falls” or sins and other Christians begin to attack. I’ve seen it numerous times but recently I could not contain my frustration. Seems someone somewhere had determined Beth Moore was no longer fit to be amongst their options for Bible study authors

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That fine line….

😇Over the years, I’ve met some amazing folks. Having interviewed people for years, often I think back to specific memories of one-liners that have shaped who I’ve become as a writer and speaker. John Croyle is a man with a magnetic personality. Having been very successful playing football at the University of Alabama, he also opened

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Play! The six words I’ll never forget from UGA Head Football Coach Mark Richt. Today’s Pick of the Day.

Becoming a UGA Bulldog was a rite of passage after living in Atlanta for years. While I didn’t attend University of Georgia, my two closest friends did. So they planned an initiation. We drove to Athens, tailgated all afternoon, attended a game, and wore obnoxious bulldog attire and screamed till will we couldn’t talk. Thus for one night, I became

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