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Phones!? Making memories in the moments!

To the man I run by frequently in my neighborhood. You are outside with your kids, fun!  They are running and playing and having a blast!  From time to time they say, “look daddy” and you glance over and smile. Then you look back down, at your phone. To the man sitting next to me

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If words have power, then put them to work!

Today my word is filled. It comes from the promises of Ephesians 1. If I lose sight of my goals for today, I’ll recall that I’m filled to the measure of the fullness of God. It’s an easy word that brings me back to my “goals” for today. Words are simple. Just pick one and

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Is God “good?” One question at a time….

Is God “good?” It was a defining moment. Though I’d been a Christian for years, the question loomed in my mind for days. “Do you believe in the Goodness of God?” 

The pastor even made the statement that if in all of our Biblical knowledge and years of study we still doubted the “goodness” of

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Our Latest Fun thing we need you to help us with!

Watch this 54 second video, then help this mom and daughter team share “Good News! ” Send us your story and let’s show the world all of the “Good News” that you won’t see on the news. Follow the page here. https://www.instagram.com/faces.of.christian.life/ And on Face Book at https://www.facebook.com/facesofchristianlife/ Email your photos with a brief paragraph or

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This way to better health….

It really does only take one solid decision to change everything. Many people go on diets and completely wreck their self control. If that works for you, great! Keep at it. When I’m struggling with my diet, I just make one definitive decision for that week.  By giving up one thing, it keeps me mindful

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